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July-December 2021| Vol 15| Issue 2


Post-COVID-19 mucormycosis – Are we through the storm as yet?

Lurking Danger Post-COVID rhino-maxillary-orbital mucormycosis has been a major surprise in an ever-changing COVID preparedness of the global healthcare services. Since its outbreak ...

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Development of apical root microcracks following different root canal preparation systems

Context: The most critical step in root canal therapy is cleaning and shaping of the root canal. A vast array of instruments both handheld and engine driven are available for root canal prepa...

Original Article

Comparative evaluation of contralateral pterygoid dysjunction versus nondysjunction in unilateral combined maxillomandibular distraction osteogenesis

Aim: To prospectively evaluate efficacy of Unilateral Combined Maxillomandibular Distraction Osteogenesis in cases of facial asymmetry managed by Lefort I osteotomy with oblique ramal osteoto...

Original Article

Validation of mathematical relationship for anterior teeth in the Indian population

Introduction: Smile is an important part of facial esthetics. Various authors have established a mathematical correlation between maxillary and mandibular teeth dimensions and dwelled upon it...

Original Article

Social versus scientific-driven evidence-based orthodontics: Prediction of correlation among scientometric, altmetric, and level of evidence

Aim: The present study was conducted to analyze the correlation between citations, altmetric score, and level of evidence of top prestigious orthodontic journals. Materials and Methods:

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